Valentines Day

by Gloria on 25 January, 2015

in Holiday

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Happy early Valentines Day from Gloria and the Poodles. Lucy and Ethel are busy making chocolates and I wanted to make sure that everyone had the recipe for easy, delicious sugar cookies before the event. Pick up your heart shaped cookie cutter soon. Click here for the awesome recipe. Print Friendly


Fast Gluten Free Bread Ideas

by Gloria on 21 January, 2015

in Bread

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I thought I would show you a couple of “Fast Bread Ideas,” each baking in only 3 minutes. Yes, that’s right, 3 minutes! Who doesn’t have that much time to make these delicious taste treats? This first recipe uses a microwave, but you could add 1/2 tsp baking powder and use the oven instead if you […]


Turkey Parmesan Meatballs

by Gloria January 19, 2015 Main Dish/Turkey
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Hello! I had a package of package of 93% lean ground turkey and I wanted to make something out of it, but I didn’t want it to come out dry. A previous attempt at using some bread crumbs to hold the meatballs together a bit failed and I ended up with bits. Also a previous attempt to brown some turkey patties […]

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Pinto Bean Bread and Living off the Gluten Free Pantry

by Gloria January 14, 2015 Bread/Low Carb
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Hello everyone! The holidays are over and after all the carbs and sweets I just want to remind you of a delicious low carb bread alternative, made from eggs and beans. Say what? Yes the delicious, soft, fluffy bread in the picture above was made of pinto beans. I previously blogged about Anna’s Bean Bread Cookbook HERE. It […]

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Fast Gluten Free Supper Using Fresh Ingredients

by Gloria December 6, 2014 Cooking Lessons
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                                     30 Minute Meal     The other night I posted my salmon supper and several people emailed me that they are interested in cooking more simple meals from scratch. So I am going to try to post more of my meals as I make them. But please don’t mind the drips, […]

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Salmon Dijon

by Gloria December 3, 2014 Main Dish/Fish
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This is a light tasting and easy recipe. Well, almost a recipe. I have been buying the frozen salmon filets from Aldis and they are very good I sometimes make salmon burgers out of them, or salmon and pasta, or salmon potato patties. They are just so versatile. This picture is showing the Salmon Dijon […]

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Happy Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

by Gloria November 16, 2014 Cooking Lessons
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Looking for gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes?   The time is getting close. I have been very involved with getting my house ready to be on the Woman’s Club house walk, a couple of speaking engagements, and a cooking demo at the hospital where I work. For fun I will admit to doing a lot of thrifting […]

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House Walk Adventure

by Gloria October 29, 2014 Decor
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Hello! Not too many new recipes lately! I agreed to be on the Pontiac Woman’s Club House Walk this year and it kept me busy getting ready for it. I am usually finishing my fall house cleaning about the time I put up the Christmas trees, but this year I had to be done by […]

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