Roasted Cabbage Slices

by Gloria on 4 March, 2015

in Side Dish

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I haven’t been posting as many recipes of late. Partly because I have posted over 400 recipes and have gotten so many of them out of my head and on to the blog. But also because I have been making a lot of un-recipes. This has been a busy winter for me as a health […]


Bean Chocolate Cake

by Gloria on 1 March, 2015

in Desserts/Cake

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I made some bean bread yesterday and added some almond meal and my husband thought it tasted cake-like. He asked me why I couldn’t make a chocolate cake out of the beans? Game on. I’m up to the challenge. In Anna Purdum’s Bean Bread Book, available here she has a recipe for Brownies that call […]


Staying warm? Keep the oven on!

by Gloria February 22, 2015 Misc. Blog
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Yesterday I was at the antique mall (shocking isn’t it?) and I bought a bag of vintage cookie and biscuit cutters for $5. There were some really cool ones in there and some doubles so I can give some to my daughter. Here’s what was in the bag: Here is my biscuit recipe I used. […]

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Chicken and Rice

by Gloria February 10, 2015 Main Dish Chicken
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Chicken and Rice is my go-to fast weekday meal. I even have a fast version and a super fast version, so I’ll give you both. I can make a really delicious and healthy meal in one pan, which saves time and clean up. It also saves in the budget department because I can use one […]

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California Blend Soup

by Gloria February 8, 2015 Soup
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I have been writing about stocking your gluten free pantry, but an important component of that is to use what is in your pantry. It is important to rotate your food supply on a regular basis. I also enjoy coming up with ideas for quick meals using simple products from my pantry. I consider my […]

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Home Canning Beans

by Gloria February 2, 2015 Canning and Preserving
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This has been a blustery, snowy weekend in Central Illinois, as it was in many other parts of the United States (O.K. Florida daughter, I don’t want to hear about the beach again). I am going to blog today about my continuing adventures in becoming a gluten free Prepper ( some one prepared for a disaster). I […]

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Valentines Day

by Gloria January 25, 2015 Holiday
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Happy early Valentines Day from Gloria and the Poodles. Lucy and Ethel are busy making chocolates and I wanted to make sure that everyone had the recipe for easy, delicious sugar cookies before the event. Pick up your heart shaped cookie cutter soon. Click here for the awesome recipe. Print Friendly

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Fast Gluten Free Bread Ideas

by Gloria January 21, 2015 Bread
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I thought I would show you a couple of “Fast Bread Ideas,” each baking in only 3 minutes. Yes, that’s right, 3 minutes! Who doesn’t have that much time to make these delicious taste treats? This first recipe uses a microwave, but you could add 1/2 tsp baking powder and use the oven instead if you […]

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