Chopped Salad with Chickpeas

by Gloria on 11 April, 2015

in Salad

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This is one of  my favorite weekend lunches, Chopped Salad with Chickpeas. I am cleaning and doing laundry today but the sunny Spring weather is calling me! I ventured out onto the deck to eat lunch and now I think I am done cleaning! After working all week, it is easy to be overwhelmed with […]


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A light and delicious gluten free baked cheesecake that is simple to make would be a great choice for your Easter dinner! I don’t post many desserts on here, because I don’t make many desserts! I do try to post something for holidays though, and my old cheesecake recipe fits the bill. I actually haven’t made […]


Gluten Free Almond Crusted Cod

by Gloria March 29, 2015 Main Dish/Fish
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I get a little tired of baked fish. Sometimes I add lemon, sometimes Dijon mustard or other flavors, but it still gets boring. Once and awhile I just have to break down and bread the fish and fry it. But that adds calories and makes a huge mess. The other night I invented this happy […]

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Gluten Free Grilled Chicken Wrap

by Gloria March 26, 2015 Bread/Muffins
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I am trying out some of Aldi’s gluten free products from their Live G Free line. My favorite so far has been the plain wraps, or flour tortillas.  They are sold in the regular bread aisle. There are many things you could do with these wraps, such as: Top with sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, oregano […]

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Fresh Strawberry Salad with Lemon Dressing

by Gloria March 22, 2015 Salad
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Fresh strawberries and fresh lemons in the store called to me. I just love those flavors together. Even though it is Spring is is slow to warm here in Illinois. I will pretend that these are strawberries from my garden (not quite as good, but not bad).  This little burst of color was just leaf […]

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Bacon and Spinach Pasta Side Dish

by Gloria March 18, 2015 Side Dish
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I have been trying a few of Aldi’s gluten free products. I really don’t buy frozen, pre-made foods such as pizza or TV dinners, but they seemed to have some. I had a package of their Penne pasta in the cupboard I’ve been meaning to try, but we seem to have gotten away from pasta […]

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Roasted Cabbage Slices

by Gloria March 4, 2015 Side Dish
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I haven’t been posting as many recipes of late. Partly because I have posted over 400 recipes and have gotten so many of them out of my head and on to the blog. But also because I have been making a lot of un-recipes. This has been a busy winter for me as a health […]

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Bean Chocolate Cake

by Gloria March 1, 2015 Desserts/Cake
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I made some bean bread yesterday and added some almond meal and my husband thought it tasted cake-like. He asked me why I couldn’t make a chocolate cake out of the beans? Game on. I’m up to the challenge. In Anna Purdum’s Bean Bread Book, available here she has a recipe for Brownies that call […]

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