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This was a delicious and easy dish, Lemon Portabella Chicken. Place raw chicken breasts in a glass dish. Add the juice of one lemon, 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce  and 1 Tblsp olive oil. Sprinkle with lemon zest, salt, garlic powder and pepper. Turn after 5-10 minutes and sprinkle with the same seasonings again. Meanwhile slice […]


My Life in Jars!

by Gloria on 20 October, 2015

in Food Storage

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This looks like an expensive Pottery Barn design, but it is really only half gallon Ball canning jars, 6 for $9.99 with some stick on chalkboard labels. The plastic lids are found in most canning sections also. I bought min here in Pontiac at Big R. I have been a busy girl stocking my gluten-free pantry this […]

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Pumpkin Cornbread

by Gloria October 19, 2015 Bread
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If you are not fond of the crumbly nature of cornbread, Pumpkin Cornbread is for you!   Do not expect this to be a sweet, cinnamon filled, pumpkin pie-type treat either. This is just cornbread. Pumpkin Cornbread. The pumpkin is replacing the fat in the recipe and the taste is very subtle, the pumpkin almost unnoticeable. The texture […]

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Taco Chili With Grilled Polenta

by Gloria September 28, 2015 Main Dish/Hamburger
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  Taco Chili With Grilled Polenta I was canning pinto beans this weekend and one of the jars did not seal so I needed to refrigerate it and use it. I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted enchiladas, tacos or chili. Then the idea to combine taco flavor and chili came to me. We […]

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When Life Gives You Scraps…Make Quilts

by Gloria September 14, 2015 Uncategorized
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When Life Gives you Scraps, Make Quilts: A Birthday Post When I look back on my sixty years on this earth I see many millions of small events and joys that have been knitted together into a wonderful life; full of love and wonderful moments.We spend so much time focusing on large, looming events we […]

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Apples and More Apples!

by Gloria September 13, 2015 Bread/Muffins
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  Apples   They are in season right now and are plentiful. Most people seem to have spots on their apples this year due to the rainy weather conditions. Mine are no exception. I have a Golden Delicious tree and a red apple tree (Mackintosh?). The green apples have black spots which mostly scrub off, […]

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Vegetarian Burrito Buffet

by Gloria September 4, 2015 Vegetarian
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We have been enjoying our home canned beans so much. No salt added and so tender and delicious.  Pinto, black, navy, I love them all. When I am done canning all of my garden produce I have lots of ideas for other things to make in my new pressure canner besides beans. Tonight I am […]

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Blackberry Corn Muffins

by Gloria August 22, 2015 Bread/Muffins
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On my little homestead in Central Illinois, August means blackberry season. I pick a bowl every day for about two to three weeks. I have lived in my house for six years now and have gotten used to the rhythm of the seasons and the changing crops. My yard was full of various fruits when […]

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