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It’s been a good year for tomatoes in Illinois, hopefully where you are too. Everyone I have talked to said they are picking buckets full every day. A patient of mine told me he had 10 tomato plants  in his garden and has already canned 40 quarts. We have been lucky to have gotten a […]


Sharing “Jennifer’s Way”

by Gloria on 22 August, 2014

in Books

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Many of you may have heard of the actress and celiac advocate Jennifer Esposito’s book Jennifer’s Way. I will admit upfront to the crazy fact that I do not watch TV. Nope. Don’t even have cable. I have heard that she is an amazing actress, but I know Jennifer through three things I do love: […]


Snack Storage and Other Tips

by Gloria August 20, 2014 Food Storage
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What is this? Jars of pudding? No recipe, it’s just Jello instant pudding. The reason I am posting it is to show how I have been saving Parmesan cheese lids for quite some time because they fit perfectly on small Ball jars. I was using them on my jelly jars after opening and have expanded […]

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P B & J Muffins and Other Fun Gluten Free Kid’s Foods

by Gloria August 6, 2014 Bread/Muffins
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P B & J Muffins! Back to school time! Oh no! What can we pack for a gluten free lunch? Don’t panic, here are some ideas that kids will love; even non-GF kids! One of the biggest complaints I hear from Mom’s is the price of GF bread for lunch boxes. At 5-7 dollars a  […]

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Spicy Yogurt Cauliflower

by Gloria July 31, 2014 Side Dish
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I have to share this yummy new dish with you! How many times can I talk about roasted vegetables? Many, many, because they are so delicious it is hard to believe they are healthy. But I have to admit I am getting a little bored with veggies and olive oil. So I thought I would […]

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Gluten-Free Cheesy Biscuits

by Gloria July 27, 2014 Bread
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                                                      Gluten-free, soft and yummy!   Cheesy Biscuits   Dry: 1 cup rice flour ½ cup sorghum flour ¼ cup tapioca starch 1 tsp xanthan gum ½ tsp salt 1  1/2 tsp baking powder   (For make-a-mix add all these dry ingredients to a bag or jar) Wet: ¼ cup butter (half stick)  or 1/4 cup […]

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Coconut Joys

by Gloria July 18, 2014 Desserts/Cookies
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    “Coconut Joys” Gluten Free Treat!   When I look at gluten-free blogs I see tons of recipes for desserts and I think “What do they do with all that cake?” And browsing Pinterest makes me think the GF diet is just cakes, cookies and treats.  Mostly my blog is full of what to […]

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Make Ahead Meals Part 4: Meatloaf and More

by Gloria July 15, 2014 Main Dish/Hamburger
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  Meat loaf is something I stopped making for awhile. It just seemed like too much trouble and too much food for two people. Then one day I got the idea to put the meat into a bunch of small pans and I have been making it every since. I freeze them raw and take […]

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