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Looking for gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes?   The time is getting close. I have been very involved with getting my house ready to be on the Woman’s Club house walk, a couple of speaking engagements, and a cooking demo at the hospital where I work. For fun I will admit to doing a lot of thrifting […]


House Walk Adventure

by Gloria on 29 October, 2014

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Hello! Not too many new recipes lately! I agreed to be on the Pontiac Woman’s Club House Walk this year and it kept me busy getting ready for it. I am usually finishing my fall house cleaning about the time I put up the Christmas trees, but this year I had to be done by […]


Roasted Pie Pumpkins

by Gloria October 20, 2014 Cooking Lessons
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I will teach you how to go from a pumpkin to a muffin in just 72 easy steps!!!  Are you ready?? Oh now, you know I am just kidding! It really is easy. Next week my house is on the Women’s Club annual house walk, so I bought more fall decorations than I normally do. […]

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Chicken and Brats: Make Ahead Meal Part 5

by Gloria October 6, 2014 Main Dish Chicken
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This is how most of my crazy recipes come about. I am trying to throw a meal together out of this and that and sometimes it comes out super yummy. The sometimes it doesn’t we don’t talk about in poodle-land. No need to get out the camera! I do remember one delicious dish that I […]

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Gluten Free and Easy Sloppy Joes For a Crowd

by Gloria October 4, 2014 Main Dish/Hamburger
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This is a family favorite when we are having parties or potlucks. I really don’t make it any other time, but I did when the kids were at home. I used to double this recipe and freeze some in bowls for a quick supper on a night we had sports or something. Back when we had […]

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Sweet Potato Chips

by Gloria September 28, 2014 Appetizers and Snacks
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My daughter has been visiting from Colorado and she is quite the gourmet. Eggs Benedict was a Monday morning breakfast when I visited her house! While she was here one day she said “I appreciate it that you always took the time to teach me cooking things when I was little.” Wasn’t that sweet? Well […]

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Roasted Cauliflower Salad

by Gloria September 19, 2014 Salad
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This is for those of you that have emailed or left comments that you were a fan of the yogurt coated roasted cauliflower. I roasted a whole head the other night and we only ate part of it. It just didn’t seem appetizing when I went to reheat it. I also had some leftover roasted […]

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Light and Fluffy Pumpkin Muffins

by Gloria September 14, 2014 Bread/Muffins
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        Today is my birthday and I should have whatever I want for breakfast, right? Well I have been eating very low carb for two weeks and what I wanted today is a pumpkin muffin…or two. We usually eat eggs and Greek yogurt for breakfast and since there were only 3 eggs left I had […]

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