Coconut Joys

by Gloria on 18 July, 2014

in Desserts/Cookies

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    “Coconut Joys” Gluten Free Treat!   When I look at gluten-free blogs I see tons of recipes for desserts and I think “What do they do with all that cake?” And browsing Pinterest makes me think the GF diet is just cakes, cookies and treats.  Mostly my blog is full of what to […]


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  Meat loaf is something I stopped making for awhile. It just seemed like too much trouble and too much food for two people. Then one day I got the idea to put the meat into a bunch of small pans and I have been making it every since. I freeze them raw and take […]


Spiralizer Pasta Salad

by Gloria July 9, 2014 Salad
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Salmon Pasta Salad “Spiralizer” Pasta Salad   I made this delicious pasta salad for our lunch today. It is full of veggies and salmon and makes a complete meal. Last night I went to the Pontiac Celiac Support group and brought my “Spiralizer” toy to show everyone. I have been making gluten-free “noodles” out of […]

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Chenille Quilt

by Gloria July 5, 2014 Sewing
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I hope all of you are enjoying your summer. It has been lovely weather here in Illinois this past week! I haven’t been posting too many recipes lately. I guess we have been eating simply; a lot of salads and grilled meats and summer type foods. If you peek right above the deck light in […]

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Home Made Gluten-Free Frozen Yogurt

by Gloria June 22, 2014 Desserts
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I love fruit and I love yogurt! So any time I can combine them I am a happy camper! In the picture above I just mixed Chobani plain Greek yogurt with strawberries and blueberries, added a dash of vanilla and placed it in a flat dish. Place in your freezer and once it is frozen […]

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Lentil Zucchini Patties

by Gloria June 21, 2014 Side Dish
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I really like lentils, but it is hard to find ways to use them. They are so convenient; no soaking, cook in 20 minutes. In the picture I have used small, black lentils. But you could use regular brown ones or orange ones. That would probably look better!! This would be a good vegetarian meal […]

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Food Allergy Substitutions

by Gloria June 8, 2014 Allergy
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  Gluten-free is hard enough, but when you need to substitute for eggs, milk or other foods due to allergies or intolerance it becomes more difficult. The eight most common food allergies are: milk, soy, eggs, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, fish and shellfish.  At the bottom of the ingredient list, any of these eight foods […]

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Turkey Taco Burger

by Gloria June 7, 2014 Main Dish/Turkey
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I really love turkey burgers but my husband thinks they are too dry. If I am shopping in Walmart I usually don’t buy  any meat because..well..I just don’t like their meat. The only kind I do like is the Honeysuckle White turkey products. I found a way to add some things into the meat so […]

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