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Sometimes I spend so much time coming up with new recipes that I forget some of the simple things. Often a new celiac really doesn’t know how to cook! Once I posted a recipe using the leftovers of my roast chicken and someone asked me how to roast a chicken…so I blogged that! Don’t ever […]


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Does anyone remember Cocoa Wheat Hot cereal? It was a favorite in our home. I always fed a lot of hot cereal to my kids in the winter and I am a big fan myself. We lived in the country and waited for the school bus in the cold weather (yes, I waited with them!) […]


Porcupine Meatballs

by Gloria April 4, 2014 Main Dish/Hamburger
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Ingredients: 1 lb lean ground beef or turkey 1 egg 2 tsp GF Worcestershire sauce (I use Lea and Perrins) 1 tsp paprika, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1 Tblsp dry parsley, salt, pepper 1/2 cup finely chopped onion 1/2 cup Minute rice (quick cooking rice) 1/4 cup GF bread crumbs ( about 1 piece of […]

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Whipped Butter Blend

by Gloria March 30, 2014 Cooking Lessons
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  I have never been one to use any type of margarine. I try to stick to whole foods that don’t have a lot of strange chemical names in the ingredient list. I mostly use butter and olive oil, but lately have been using quite a bit of coconut oil too. Simple. No other words […]

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Saving Money in the Meat Department

by Gloria March 22, 2014 Main Dish/Pork
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Instead of corned beef and cabbage we had a delicious pork loin roast with stir fried cabbage/onion/carrot. I am not a fan of the saltiness of corned beef or the mushiness of boiled cabbage. Call me picky! When I was at the store they had the giant whole pork loins on sale tor $1.99 a pound. I […]

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Gluten-Free Hot Cocoa Mix

by Gloria March 15, 2014 Make-a-Mix
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I am not a big cocoa drinker, but my husband likes a hot cup of cocoa on a snowy afternoon. And we have certainly had enough of those this winter. Some one gave him some cocoa mix packets and when they were gone I decided to try out some recipes for making your own. I […]

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Homemade Gluten-Free Egg Noodles

by Gloria March 8, 2014 Cooking Lessons
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Stir fried, colorful vegetables go nicely with hot buttered noodles and a side of pork loin. This was a quick dish made by cooking 1/2 lb of lean hamburger with chopped onion and mushrooms and adding a little beef broth and corn starch, served along side fresh asparagus. Total time, including making the noodles was […]

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Corn Tostadas

by Gloria March 7, 2014 Product Review
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This is a reminder to all people on a gluten-free diet to wander down the ethnic aisles of any large grocery store you find yourself in. Recently, I was doing just that at Meijer in Bloomington, IL. I was enjoying looking at all of the Asian, Indian, Mexican and other cuisines. They have very little […]

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