Cooking With Pyrex and Whatever Happened to Gloria?

by Gloria on 20 April, 2017

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Where is Gloria?? Have you wondered? What does that have to do with a pot pie you might ask? I will explain. It has been a long time since I have made a post.

Yes, I left my job at the hospital and moved 120 miles to the south. It all happened very quickly. With changes in health care and changes in my job I decided it would be best for my health to retire. We thought we would put our house on the market and travel around in the summer looking for a relaxing place to live. But there were other plans for us as our house sold as soon as it came on the market. Any of you who follow my blog know that we are good at fixing up homes. But that is the third home that sold RIGHT AWAY and we should have known better. Oh well, live and learn, it won’t happen again. If we ever move again we will already have another house!

So here we are again…fixing up another house. And it has been a big job, a 1965 stone house, lived in by 90 year old people. The other three sides are all stone. It is at the end of a quiet street in a quiet subdivision and has some cool features that appealed to us. This picture is showing the first week we moved in. We had to cut tree limbs so the movers could get the furniture in the front door, and cut bushes so we could see out the window. But that is all we are doing now, not going to work and have torn through the house like 20 year olds. Except now we kind of feel like 80!

We tackled a few easy rooms like this living room. took a month. But we had a pretty place to go after working all day.

We fixed up the four bedrooms. This is my favorite. The original floors are so pretty in this house. I think they were covered in carpet for much of their lives. I made the curtain out of Menards drop cloths. It has been so fun to have time for my creative side. One of the four is a small nursery which is now my sewing and craft room!

Enough with all the fun rooms. It was time to tackle the BIG room…..the reason I stopped blogging.

Time to tackle the ORIGINAL 1965 kitchen. With it’s original BAD plumbing.

The kitchen is huge and open, over 21 feet long, going back into an L shape also. There were only cabinets on one wall.

So we developed a strategy to build an alternate kitchen on the blank side, add gas and a range before we took out the old. I was worried about the cost of doing such a huge kitchen to my liking until I bought an entire 13 cabinet Amish made set of oak cabinets on Facebook for $400. Score! I have been painting them out. Temporary taped together counters shown!

Next to take down the old, saving the uppers to use in the laundry room.

So back to the pot pie! Who can blog about cooking when it is so hard to cook during a remodel? We have been eating vary basic foods. Lots of Crock Pot meals.

Many people have asked about me so I decided to make one last post. Yes this is my last, but I will keep this up for some months, so if you have any recipes you use a lot maybe save them.

However, I am still on Facebook. I decided that I would start posting again on Gluten Free Poodle Home Facebook site, so hit like on the side if you don’t follow me. I also have a Pyrex group called Decorate With Pyrex, so come on over and join up and say hi. I am also an admin in a Facebook group called Gluten Free Groove. Keep in touch, because after my remodel is done I have some plans that involve a cookbook, Cooking with Pyrex, Gluten-free party planner, decorating, antique sales etc. Maybe even another blog. And time to break out my stash very soon and I’ll be posting pics on Facebook. If you want to see the finished kitchen I’ll be posting many pics.

Keep in touch! All my best, Gloria


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Donna Adelphia April 24, 2017 at 9:38 pm

So extremely happy to hear from you! Leroy and I have missed you both and speak of you often !! I know you talked about doing exactly what you’re doing !!!
God bless you for following your dreams. Do keep us posted on the progress..
Leroy and Donna

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